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Bonita’s Story

Bonita was in Tennessee for almost a year before she decided to visit her father in California. While there her father told her that he did not want her to struggle to make ends meet as he has had to do, so if she, her sister, and Gabriel would move back to California they could live with him, he and her sister would provide the childcare, and she could go back to school. Because of her father’s willingness to provide shelter she was able to take advantage of programs that provided full tuition for her. So, with her expenses taken care of and a part time job she was able to finish her undergraduate degree and entered a Masters Program at Fresno State.

There are many other success stories and in most cases they are a success because they were fortunate to have a loving parent willing to help them along the way. With Crossroads we will be able to fill in that gap made by parents who are not willing to help and boyfriends who insist they cannot get along without them. We will offer safe shelter, loving guidance, and helping hands needed along the way. By learning how it feels to be loved they, in turn, will be able to love others and reach out to help a friend.

We will be adding to this section stories from the moms of our Pathways to Parenting classes as they begin to rebuild their lives and grow in their parenting.

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