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Crossroads Referral Process Overview

It is important to understand a few things about Crossroads Ministry before making a referral.

Crossroads Ministry is a 16-36 month supportive transitional housing program for at-risk single mothers and their young children, birth to twelve, escaping domestic violence.  Their stay at Crossroads Center of Hope involves mentors for each mom and strategic planning for their future.  Crossroads Center of Hope is designed to operate as a final step to permanent housing for single mother families as they develop increased self-sufficiency.

Crossroads Ministry is not…

  • permanent housing
  • short-term transitional housing
  • a drug or alcohol rehab center
  • a mental health provider

Crossroads Ministry will refer single mother families who do not meet the program criteria to other organizations that may better suit their needs.

Qualifications for Participating Moms

Potential participants must…

  • be 18 years or older to be considered for the program.
  • have full-custody of the children living with her, two is our maximum.
  • have a need for transitional/supportive housing either due to unhealthy living situations or domestic violence.
  • have a GED or high-school diploma at the time of approval.
  • show promise of gaining financial self-sufficiency through transitional/supportive housing, mentoring, future career planning.
  • be ready and willing to establish meaningful and honest relationships with mentors and the housemother.
  • demonstrate a desire to change negative life patterns and choices contributing to their life situation.
  • show promise of sufficient emotional well-being to maintain a stable environment for their children.

Referral Process

A referral for the potential participating family must come from an existing organization; such as a church, social service provider, government agency, or non-profit. Crossroads does not accept referrals from individuals although an individual can initiate the referral process.

It is highly preferred that the referring entity have some prior experience with the potential participating family. The reason we ask this is we need to understand the desire of the mother to work toward change.

All referrals must be made directly by a representative of the referring organization; not by the single mother. Please do not send potential participating families directly to Crossroads Ministry without first making a referral.

Referrals can be made through several different mediums…

Online:  Click here to use our online form.  This is the preferred option.

Phone:  865-258-0875          (10 AM – 5 PM Monday – Friday)

Email:  Click Referral Form to download the referral form and email to

Please provide as much of the necessary information as possible for the referral using the online form or the downloadable form.

Potential Participating Mother Application Process

  1. The referral is made
  2. Initial review of referral information followed by a phone call to the single mother
  3. Application is returned
  4. Reference check
  5. Assessment interview
  6. Criminal background check, credit check
  7. Acceptance or Denial
  8. Move-in or Permission to Appeal

*    The application process takes one to two weeks depending on the mother’s availability to return the parts of the application promptly