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Our Vision

Crossroads Ministry was formed in 2005 as the Executive Board was formed with people who have a heart for single mother families that have neither a place to go or sometimes lack the knowledge and training on how to get to a better way of life.  Single mothers are from all walks of life and for many reasons.  Today many are living in unhealthy situations because of loss of job or housing, domestic abuse, divorce, widowhood, unplanned pregnancy, lack of education, or uncaring families.  Many have never been parented so have no idea on how to be a mother to their own children nor have they learned the basics of making a home because they never really had one.  Our vision is to help them achieve this and more.

Located outside the city limits of Oak Ridge, Tennessee, Crossroads Center of Hope (see the Motels Story) will be providing long-term transitional safe housing for single mothers and their young children (birth to middle school) and where we can offer life-changing opportunities.  Curriculum is a holistic approach to life skills, parenting, self-care, soft job skills, money management, educational and employment opportunities.  They will learn all the basics of housekeeping and a sense of family by living in their own apartments on the grounds of CCH.  They will learn to be responsible by attending classes, maintaining their home and own garden area, finding a job, learning new job skills, or taking advantage of the wonderful educational opportunities available in our county.  Roane State Community College has many two-year programs and other Certification Programs that will give them a chance at having a career not just a job.  By offering this to these single mothers, it is our hope that when they leave CCH they will be ready to go out on their own knowing in their hearts that they are worthy of God’s love and our love.  They will be strengthened in mind, body, and spirit – ready to face the challenges ahead with confidence and knowing they will always have a family at CCH.  As far as we are concerned they will leave only bodily because even after leaving CCH these mothers will be encouraged to continue attending the classes and to participate in the on-going activities that they enjoyed while living with us.  They will then become part of our Outreach Program with the other mothers who have moved from CCH and gone on with their new lives but still want and need the support of those who understand and have been through what they went through.

When open Crossroads Center of Hope will be the only long-term transitional housing available in Anderson County.  Our residents will be able to stay with us up to three years, if needed, but the chances are they will only need to stay long enough to become grounded in managing their household finances, learning the basics of homemaking, beginning new job opportunities and education, if necessary, and becoming the strong woman and parent they were meant to be.  With the help of what we offer and mentors to walk them through the trials of being a single parent we see our mothers and their children’s future become brighter and stronger.