Invest in Crossroads Transition

A HELPING HAND – Another Way to Help Our Moms – and Give Them Some Direction

One would think Crossroads Ministry would be content with providing transitional housing and a safe haven for single mothers and their young children, but, lucky for them we have another goal to fulfill.  Crossroads would love to open a tea room.  This area will also allow us to expand our Outreach to include moms who are not living at our facility but are willing to make an effort to change their circumstances.  It will probably not be easy working with us because we will have expectations that will need to be met as each mom will need to take responsibility for her choices, whether they are good or bad, but the end result could be a trusted and loyal employee and one any business would be proud to employ.

It is also to provide an on-site training ground for those moms who don’t appear to be headed in any special direction; either with schooling or with a job that doesn’t bring in enough to support the mom and her baby without government subsidies.  It will be a place to learn all of the integral parts and pieces that go into running a small business and dealing with the public.  This will be a hands-on experience and one that would enable them to apply what they have learned in several different aspects when they are ready to make that step.  It could also give some of the moms the incentive to continue their schooling in a specific field that they may have experienced while working with us.   This area will also help provide sustainability to Crossroads Ministry.

It is very important to us to teach these young women that they can find jobs that will let them raise their children without Government support and in doing so, raise their self-esteem to prove to themselves and others that they are worth their weight in gold and can provide a good home for their children.

Future Tea Room

tea_tableThose interested would put together a business plan, design the interior, be the decorators, develop the design and layout of the menu and help choose the menu items.  The women will learn from someone that has already opened a tea room and run it successfully.  At present, we know three women who have opened their own tea rooms and might be willing to bring that expertise to those interested.

They will be involved in all aspects of setting up and running a business.  When open each mom will work on a month’s rotation all of the different operations of the business; from working in the kitchen with the cook, to serving, cashiering, greeting, managing, to the final day’s cleanup and setting up for the next day.  They will learn how to speak graciously, dress with taste, and serve others with a smile, regardless of how their day is going.

Tea Time  “Tea for Two at Two on a Tuesday”

Women love tea time, as we have found out from our Tea for Two Fundraisers in August, so three more times every year we celebrate, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and A Christmas Tea at the Old Towne Inn in Oak Ridge.  At these times we provide a place for women to sit down and ‘take tea’ in a quiet setting.  The donation is $20.00 and goes towards the sustainability of Crossroads Ministry.  Any amount received over that is deposited in our Building Account towards having the housemothers residence and the front building ready to be occupied.  Our goal is to have the first three apartments, an emergency single, and a reception/office room and the housemothers residence ready by the end of 2022 and with your help it will be done!