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The Importance of Crossroads

Single mothers are from all walks of life and for many reasons.  Today many are living in unhealthy situations because of loss of job or housing, domestic violence, divorce, widowhood, unplanned pregnancy, lack of education, or uncaring families.  Currently single mother families in Anderson County needing help in any of these areas are being sent to other counties that already offer support to their own single mothers, and which are often filled to capacity so they continue staying in an unsafe place, which could just be their car, couch-hopping or worse yet staying with their abuser.

We want to provide these moms with a minimum of 18 months or up to three years, if necessary, with the love, mentoring, support, and training they need to be able to make informed choices and put themselves on the right path towards providing for their child without government support.

While living at the Crossroads Center of Hope, the mothers will be assisted in becoming grounded through a program of clear expectations, a variety of on-site classes (life skill classes in the area of homemaking, personal development, and employment enhancement) and mentors who will provide a diverse team approach for each mother and child in the program.  In addition, the moms will be required to work towards self-sufficiency through job or educational pursuits.

We are in a crisis situation and the only way for many single mothers and their children to grow into a healthy family unit and rise above current circumstances is to receive the kind of love and support Crossroads Center of Hope will be offeringFor the past years Crossroads has been contacted to house one or more mom and child and this year has been no exception.  Again there was a need for a safe place and we were asked if Crossroads was taking residents, but until we are open we are not able to do that.  This program can only be accomplished by working together toward the same goal.………. Come alongside us and join in this adventure by donating monthly heart to heart!