Invest in Crossroads Transition

Our Uniqueness

Crossroads Center of Hope has three areas that differ from other homes that provide similar opportunities. This makes us unique in our field and is a big plus for mothers who seek our help.

Our residents will be encouraged to stay at Crossroads Center of Hope for at least eighteen months but could stay up to 3 years, if required, to become well grounded. One of our goals is to help our mothers find their niche so they will be able to support their child without government assistance and have a career not just a job.

We will also be providing the only late night emergency shelter in Anderson County for a mother and child escaping from domestic violence, if they are escorted by an officer.

After leaving CCH, our former residents will be welcomed back to attend classes that are new, to receive emotional support, or just to visit and partake of the gardens they helped nurture. Our hands will always be reaching out to them for as long as they need us.