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The Anderson County Chamber of Commerce mission is to encourage economic development, government initiatives, and community initiatives that result in prosperity for members and citizens of Anderson County.





Knoxville Leadership Foundation

Knoxville Leadership FoundationThe Knoxville Leadership Foundation serves the Knoxville area by “connecting communities of resource with communities of need” while reconciling people to Jesus Christ and to each other. One way they do this is by helping non-profit community organizations be the most effective they can be. In March 2010 Crossroads Ministry was accepted into the 24-month Capacity Building Program of the Knoxville Leadership Foundations “Center for Communities” and will be so much more effective because of their support and guidance. In addition to monthly organizational meetings we had the support of a KLF Advisor and consultants to help us work on specific areas of need within the ministry.  Another great opportunity of the Center for Communities Program was the chance to submit a grant request for funds that would be dedicated to the ministry’s Program Development. We were awarded over $7,600, a portion of which was used to update our website, to connect it to other internet venues, and to purchase a laptop computer and other items to professionalize our presentations. But, the largest portion of our grant enabled us to Hit the Ground Running and this began in 2010 by establishing our Pathways to Parenting Program to help the young, first time moms that we want to serve.

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