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Parenting Classes – Pathways to Parenting


As Founder/Executive Director this ministry is the center of my life.  I retired in June 2001 and in early 2002 I took in a single mom, her baby, and 14 year old sister.  Three months later the Lord led me to an old historic motel and lay it on my heart to found Crossroads Ministry, Inc. a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation whose goal is to provide Long-Term Transitional Housing for at-risk single mothers and their young children for up to 5 years.  Shortly after opening Crossroads Center of Hope our residents will begin the “Pathways to Parenting Program”.  These parenting classes will be led by trained leaders in their area of expertise and will contain the many important aspects of raising a child from birth to five years of age.  The mothers won’t be required to take any of the classes but will be encouraged to take the ones that relate to the age of their child or ones that are of interest to them.  However, Financial Education and Budgeting will be required since that is a main area of need with single mother families.  We will require ‘Parenting Skills for Families”, a workbook based class that is facilitated and contains important aspects of parenting from birth to teenagers that may dispel issues they were raised with and help heal!

This is a very difficult time for everyone, but these mothers need to know that there are those out there that care about them and will do whatever they can to ensure that they have the ability to take care of their family, get their finances in order, and find a job that will enable them to provide for their children without Government support.



Baby Care Basics I – Newborn needs if needed
Value Packed Parenting by Dr. Kevin Lehman

Baby Care Basics II – Emergencies/Training/CPR for Infants and Children
The 10 Best Gifts You’ll Ever Give Your Kids
Benefits of Breastfeeding – Bonding Benefit
Baby Massage – Benefit and Techniques
How to Handle Stress –Baby Related Issues
How to Listen So Kids Will Talk and
How to Talk So Kids Will Listen
Praying for Your Child

Disciplining with Love – Videos by Dr. Kevin Lehman
Discipline Isn’t Spelled P-U-N-I-S-H-M-E-N-T
Changes and Stages of Development
Fab Fathers Role – Raising Girls
Fab Mothers Role – Raising Girls
Caution: Anger Ahead!
Birth Order-And What You Need to Know
The Challenge of Raising Boys About It

Boundaries Basics – Self-Esteem
Building Standing Up to the New Goliath
Boundaries in Dating
Boundaries with Kids
Battlefield of the Mind – Changing Your Life by Changing Your Mind

Nutrition Education – Eating healthy and Nutritionally on a Budget
Organic Gardening and its Benefits
Healthy Living & Indoor Hazards
Housekeeping Tips

Financial Education and Budgeting
Budget Planning – Video and Worksheets Saving for emergencies and more
Frugal Living – 3-Book Individual Classes
Budgeting in Everyday Life – Shopping Thrift, Yard Sales, Flea Markets, Couponing
Daycare Options and What to Expect

On-going Education
Co-op Program, Grants, Scholarships
Part 1 – Job and Work Skills – Resume’
Part 2 – Work Presentation

Self-Help Classes
Love Languages
Negative Thinking
Forming a Step-Family
Step Parenting
Listening Well

Self-Interest Classes
Special Season Crafts
Sewing and Knitting
Upcycling for Personal Style

We want our moms to know they are worthy and we are here to help.  As we all know parenting is not easy and being a single parent is especially difficult given the circumstances in today’s economy and being single with a child in general.  Our goal is to provide the needed support, mentoring, and parenting classes every mom needs to build a strong, healthy family unit.

As far as we are concerned the mothers and children that live with us will leave only bodily Crossroads Center of Hope.  These mothers will be encouraged to continue attending the classes and to participate in the on-going activities that they enjoyed while living with us.  As the children grow our programs will address those concerns also.  Our goal is to teach these women that they are worthy of God’s love and our love and that through support and motivation they can become strong spiritually, physically, and emotionally.  They will find the confidence and inner strength necessary to become independent loving mothers.  Many have never been parented so have no idea on how to be a mother nor have they learned the basics of making a home because they never really had one.  Our vision is to teach and encourage all this and more.

Any woman who passes through our doors will be strengthened in mind, body, and spirit – ready to face the challenges ahead with confidence and knowing they will always have a family at Crossroads Center of Hope.

This message will be on a plaque over the entrance to our Community Room Door

We serve all of the Mothers and their
Children who pass through these doors
for the Glorification of God.

                                                                                                       Words to bring you through suffering!

“For I know the plans that I have for you,” declares
the Lord, “plans for welfare and not for calamity
to give you a future and a hope.”

      Jeremiah 29:11